Chinese Numbers 1-10 and More

Chinese Numbers 1-10One of the easiest things to do when learning Chinese is to learn the numbers. To help you remember better, here are the numbers together with Pinyin, a video to learn how to pronounce them, and printable PDFs.

Chinese Numbers 1-10

Found a great video that teaches you the numbers with pronunciation

Click here to download a printable table in PDF (stroke order included)
One = 一 Yī
Two = 二 Èr
Three = 三 Sān
Four = 四 Sì
Five = 五 Wǔ
Siex = 六 Liù
Seven = 七 Qī
Eight = 八 Bā
Nine = 九 Jiǔ
Ten = 十 Shí

Zero in Chinese

The number zero is much harder to write in Chinese than other numerals.

Zero = 零 Líng

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