Po Fu Chen Zhou 破釜沉舟

Pò Fǔ Chén Zhōu (Pò Fǔ Chén Zhōu) literally means to break cauldrons and sink ships/boats. This Chinese idiom means to not leave any means of retreat. It is highly similar to the English idiom “to burn the ships”.

破釜沉舟 is used to describe not giving yourself a way out (to show determination).

破釜沉舟 Po Fu Chen Zhou

Original photo credit: CapCase

Idiom breakdown

破 means to break
釜 is a type of pot or cauldron used for cooking in ancient China
沉 means to sink
舟 means boat or ship

Example sentences

  1. 他打算破釜沉舟,把所有的家产都投资在这笔交易上。
    Tā dǎsuàn pòfǔchénzhōu, bǎ suǒyǒu de jiāchǎn dōu tóuzī zài zhè bǐ jiāoyì shàng, yǐ shì zìjǐ de juéxīn.
    He intends to leave no means of retreat by investing his entire fortune in this transaction.

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